We are happy to host Simonetta on About Garden , known at the event in Celle, March 22, 2019, delighted us with her skills in creating wonderful compositions with just a few instruments.

Today, through this photo tutorial, he will explain to you how he made a flower arrangement starting from our container in white carrara marble .

We leave the word to Simonetta:

“Anyone who loves to bring home a bit of nature by surrounding themselves with cut flowers, surely also has a collection of vases that can harmonize with every type of plant and be suitable for different occasions.

From the precious container perhaps silver suitable to host an elegant composition to the more rustic perfect to highlight a simple bouquet of wildflowers, which is enough little and even an empty glass jar of jam makes its beautiful figure.

Those who prefer design objects, will appreciate clean and essential containers that lend themselves to being inserted in a modern environment as in the more traditional.

The shapes and the materials vary, glass, more or less precious metals, ceramics and plastic are the most used for the realization of cut-off vases, less usual are the stones such as marble that offers the advantage of keeping the water in which the flowers are immersed fresh and, like all opaque materials, hides the stems when they lose their freshness and are therefore not very attractive to view.

In the marble vase, a bouquet composed of several flowers is just as good as a single vegetable element, even a single leaf of monstera or a protea stem will be best exploited .

Prohibited the use of artificial sponges that cannot be disposed of, instead opt for the classic “tools of the trade” of florists, such as Floral Frog and Kenzan which are recyclable objects made of different materials and are suitable for retaining the stems of the plant material.

You can also very simply form a sort of sphere with the chicken house wire mesh and lay it on the bottom of the pot, in the lower containers, stop everything with a special water-resistant tape.

And to prolong the life of the flowers in water, it is enough to renew the cut of the stem, there are those who add a bit of bleach and half an aspirin!

And here is the final result »

We find it a lovely idea, and now we are curious to know your opinions too ♡