A truly original dish!

Hello everyone! I like to look at cooking blogs and chefs on the net and browse the profiles Instagram about food and cooking, many of them I find super colorful, others of inspiration and many … wonderful!

This way of using technology, between curiosity and inspiration, allows me to create my objects trying to imagine them used by you. I like to experiment personally and create original dishes for first courses and desserts , but also to follow those who inspire you and those who have a lot of enthusiasm and desire to write and photograph what is a beautiful passion: the kitchen.

For the creation of our dishes in white marble and slate Marmolove I designed lines simple and elegant but of great impact for the presentation of your dishes.

A long but very exciting job, which has me
allowed to tour Italy and Europe, meet international chefs and visit their kitchens, food bloggers and journalists who are experts in the food sector … everything to be able to create a line of products for the new and exclusive kitchen and give life to truly unique items for the kitchen, that can allow for an original and sophisticated dish!

The art of serving is recent but it is not at all simple, it is necessary to find the right harmony and the right balance between the colors, the products, the materials of the supports … a creativity that needs to be nurtured day by day, so having unique tools and a bit of imagination makes the difference 😉

I leave you these wonderful photos of ch_ecco that used our round base in white marble in a fantastic way, serving sweets and fruit. Visit his profile Ig: ch_ecco and you will find lots of really inspirational recipes and photos!

If you are passionate about cooking, send us your photos with your dishes using our kitchen items and with the hashtag # marmolove we will be able to see them all and the most creative will be chosen for the next article and will be tagged on all our social channels !!

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