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Raise your hands if you too, especially during the season changes, have trouble falling asleep.

Within the Marmolove team, someone often has this problem, more than once and without obviously going into the technical or medical field, we have found great benefit with essential oils, such as lavender.

But not even to tell you our dream is to bring beauty into yours and why not also in our homes, from this need was born «It seems made of haven», the air freshener that will bring that extra twist to your bedside table, thanks to which only you will fall asleep with a very good perfume in the room but also with that feeling of beauty in the eyes.

Obviously “It seems made of haven” can be inserted anywhere in your home, where you need the smell and the sight to marry in a combination of wonderful sensations.

You can find on the shop our air freshener in two versions, white and bright in Carrara marble or dark and elegant in slate.
The team is undecided and has not yet been able to choose the favorite.

Have you ever chosen yours without it?

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