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Not to worry you but Christmas is approaching, gifts and menu preparation hang over our sword-like heads of Damocles.

As you know we are provident we already start writing the letter to Santa Claus. You have already done it, can we help you?


Today’s idea came to us as we wrote the post about decorations to put on your tables and , but above all thanks to your suggestions.


If there is one thing we like is order, that sense of peace that assails you when everything is perfect and refined and you just have to enjoy the moment.

It is exactly what we try to offer with our products, an all-round experience that starts from a sophisticated and elegant packaging, steps from a product designed and made for your needs, finally giving you a sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Exactly what should happen for the finer things in life, and choosing a gift for a loved one should be just that.

We believe that slate coasters can be a wonderful gift, of Christmas but also for many other occasions: birthday, wedding, anniversary, new home party.
We want to tell you why “ We’ll take it from here”the set of 6 Ligurian slate coasters could be a wonderful gift, which you may even make yourself.

  • They adapt to a festive table, as much as that every day, to place glasses for wine or simply for water, they will make your unique and elegant table

  • After clearing the table they are ready to perform many other tasks , can be used as paperweight above your desk or as furnishing elements , as a design base – on which to place watches, rings, necklaces and bracelets.

But if in spite of our beautiful words give a set of slate coasters it still seems impersonal, keep calm we thought about this too ♥ ︎


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