Valentine’s Day 2019, lots of original ideas for your gifts

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2019 , the famous party of lovers , why not surprise your partner with a beautiful, original and elegant gift?


For this Valentine’s Day 2019 we have thought of three truly unique proposals to make or make an unforgettable gift. Three exclusive Marmolove gift packs at a special price, available only until February 14, 2019 ! Maybe just to use for a romantic candlelight dinner … Our gift packages for Valentine’s Day 2019 will help you amaze your partner and tell your couple, your harmony and the different dynamics … Choose the gift that tell your couple!

Gift Box “Complicit” : A wonderful package consisting of two octagonal bases, of exclusive design, in the two materials symbol of Marmolove: the white marble of Carrara and the black slate of Lavagna . A mix explosive, white and black, linked by the same shape, a particular form, out of the ordinary. A gift that tells a dynamic and original couple that, despite its diversity, is completed by finding points of contact that create indissoluble bonds.

Gift Box “Differently Equal” : A very elegant package composed of a round base in white Carrara marble and a triangular base in white Carrara marble . Same precious material, pure and uncontaminated, but a different shape. A gift for those who want to tell a couple that looks in a single direction, a couple that chooses to look like each other, to have common goals, while maintaining each one’s own identity, their own form, its own unique beauty.

The “Embrace” Gift Box : An elegant and precious package consisting of two of the Marmolove’s best-selling products: white Carrara marble bowls

Two beautiful bowls, with a soft and welcoming design, of different sizes , for universal use in every room of your home. Exclusive and refined objects that represent the complementarity of the couple, being one in the arms of the other in a splendid eternal harmony.

For Valentine’s Day 2019 we were inspired by the couple, by the incredible dynamics that two lovers generate, we were inspired by the profound beauty of being two in one. All our products are made by hand in our laboratories in Finale Ligure and each product is unique, as is the person who will receive them as a gift. Our gift packages are for a couple who wants to tell their story through the furnishing of their home , a wish for a life in common full of beauty, elegance, originality, furnishing accessories for a home that will come , which will be built together, full of love. A present … that looks to the future.

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