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Our beloved Marmolovers,

today we would like to tell you a story made of love, like everything that distinguishes us, passion for our beautiful land and collaborations with artisans who live and grow in our own territory.


The story we would like to tell you is that of “The italian dream”  , our original Genoese mortar revisited to be not only practical and functional, but also aesthetically beautiful, with that touch of glamor and refinement that we try to infuse in all our products .

The italian dream was born from many ideas, projects and laughs from the Marmolove Team, from the desire to create a unique object, with a clean line but with a particular touch, that made it suitable to be used as a real original mortar but at the same time shown in the center of your splendid kitchens.


The shape we gave it sees l with external and internal surface a little” rough “as per tradition but with rounded and finished edges, to make it almost a design product.


Once the structure was built, our efforts fell on the realization of the pestle.

We did not want anything commercial in any way but the intent was to remain faithful to our Made in Italy values ​​and craftsmanship.

To our immense pleasure we managed to involve in this project, the Brothers Levaggi, known throughout the world for the creation of the”Chiavarina chair”, also Liguri DOC and craftsmen of the wood for generations.

With them we studied the most practical shape to give to the pestle, a shape that was ergonomic but also stylish and in harmony with the aesthetics of the Marmolove mortar.

From this process based on passion and collaboration between brilliant minds we have created the product you find on our eCommerce .


The realization of this product made us very happy, not only for the product itself but above all for being able to create an incomparable mortar of its kind, together with others exponents of the craftsmanship present in our territory, being able to donate another unique object, like all those that we design and insert in the catalog.


See you soon the Marmolove Team

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