Soulmates – Black&White Octagonal Bases

Try to close your eyes and imagine a world without love. Everything would be devoid of form and color, everything would appear yellowed and devoid of consistency. Now open your eyes: love exists and must be celebrated. For Valentine’s Day we thought of panache, design and color.
Hence the choice to combine and pair – only for this occasion – At least the Bases – Octagonal base in its declinations in Ligurian slate and white Carrara marble.

    The octagonal base in Ligurian slate is a particular object, of design and at the same time practical.
    Thanks to its intense color, it becomes a perfect base to be used in presentations in the kitchen or in the windows of precious objects: it is very appreciated by jewelers and used as a display shelf in the boutiques of precious artefacts.
    It can become:
    Support base – for precious objects, in the window, but also in the bedroom or in the living room.
    Basis of presentation in the kitchen – the particular shape and the homogeneous and intense color, transform the octagonal base in Ligurian slate into a perfect presentation plan for culinary creations.
    Tray – a base for bringing appetizers, desserts or liqueurs and coffee to the table.
    What you want – the role you decide to give him on your table, in your home.


    The octagonal base in white Carrara marble is a particular and elegant design object, capable
    to embellish any corner of a house.
    It can become a presentation base in the living room for glass vases, candles, liqueurs and chocolates. IS
    perfect in the bedroom, where it can “keep” precious objects or become a top for creams, oils and
    The octagonal base in white Carrara marble finds its destination also in the bathroom (as a top
    for perfumes) and in the kitchen (as a cutting board or serving dish)
    It can become:
    Countertop – for precious objects, glass vases, candles and scented incense. In the living room, in the bedroom
    from bedroom or bathroom.
    Serving dish – ideal for bringing choreographic presentations to the table.
    Tray – base for bringing liqueurs and coffee to the table.
    What you want – the role you will decide to give it on your table, in your home.

Every Marmolove® is a one-of-a-kind original handmade piece and has our engraved trademark. Distrust imitations, an original Marmolove® is made with love, the best and luxuriousest marble or ardesia and has his logo on it.


Your MarmoLove is a very precious object: to prevent the formation of lines or chipping avoid sliding the blades on the surface of the cutting board . If you don’t like risk and want to be safe, use it as a base to support and stabilize other objects on which to perform cutting operations.

All photos are indicative of the product: marble differs from piece to piece by veins and shades of color.

DIMENSIONI: We reach the base – Octagonal base in Ligurian slate inch 11,8X11,8
We reach the base – Octagonal base in Carrara marble inch 11,8X11,8

MATERIAL: Ligurian slate from Lavagna and white Carrara marble honed 100% MADE IN ITALY

Packaging and transport: We ask our couriers to pay maximum attention to the transport of our packages. Each product is wrapped and packed with the same care and dedication with which it is created and produced.

Weight 6 kg