The Photographer’s stone – An extraordinary White Carrara Marble Backdrop for your snapshots

The photos of our moments are memories that must be preserved with care and love, for this Marmolove has thought of this photographic background. Its porosity and its veins will be struck by the light and will make your every shot memorable, giving it that particularity worthy of the best still life photographers.

The best part of this article is that it is versatile indeed

It can become:

    • Support plane – for precious objects, glass vases, candles and scented incense. In the living room, in the bedroom or in the bathroom.
    • Kitchen object – Ideal as a work surface, for example to spread the dough or to temper the chocolate.
    • Photographic background – just look at our catalog, to fall in love with the effect that marble gives to our shots.
    • What you want – the role you decide to give him on your table, in your home.

Every Marmolove® is a one-of-a-kind original handmade piece and has our engraved trademark. Distrust imitations, an original Marmolove® is made with love, the best and luxuriousest marble or ardesia and has his logo on it.


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Your MarmoLove is a very precious object: to prevent the formation of lines or chipping avoid sliding the blades on the surface of the cutting board . If you don’t like risk and want to be safe, use it as a base to support and stabilize other objects on which to perform cutting operations.

All photos are indicative of the product: marble differs from piece to piece by veins and shades of color.

DIMENSIONS: inch 19,6×27,5

MATERIAL: 100% Carrara white marble 100% MADE IN ITALY

Packaging and transport: We ask our couriers to pay maximum attention to the transport of our packages. Each product is wrapped and packed with the same care and dedication with which it is created and produced.
The weight of the package will be 15 kg, the product 10 kg, plus 5 kg of packaging.

Weight 151 kg
Dimensions 50 × 70 cm