“I’ll take a clear photo of you” set – Design forms in white Carrara marble

With their minimalist design reduced to the essentials, this series of geometric shapes is ideal for giving three-dimensionality to the photos of the most beautiful moments that you want to exhibit in your home or office; the product is also suitable for professional photographic use.

In addition, Carrara marble is an ally of light, which will make your every shot memorable.

But their simple and playful shape makes this object completely versatile: the only limit is your imagination, in fact It can become: Shooting and display geometries – to give three-dimensionality to your shots and take advantage of the play of light of Carrara marble and its veins.

Design object – to display in the living room or bedroom, but also as an elegant desk paperweight in the office.

Raised shelf – for precious objects, candles and scented incense. In the living room, bedroom or bathroom. What you want – the role you decide to give it in your home.

Each original Marmolove® has our engraved trademark. Beware of imitations, you can recognize a Marmolove® by love, by marble and by the logo.


All photos are indicative of the product: the marble differs from piece to piece for its veins and shades of color.

DIMENSIONS: A diameter cm. 9 height 3 cm

B cm. 5×5 height 8 cm

C cm. 20×10 height 3 cm

D cm. 10×10 height 3 cm And cm. 10×10 height 10 cm

MATERIAL: 100% polished white Carrara marble 100% MADE IN ITALY PACKAGING AND TRANSPORT: We ask our couriers to pay maximum attention to the transport of our packages. Each product is wrapped and packaged with the same care and dedication with which it is created and produced.

Weight 2 kg