Let’s sushi – Set sushi Black and white

Sushi is a delicious dish, typical of Japanese culture, based on rice and other ingredients such as fish, nori seaweed and vegetables. The delight in addition is the very fragrant soy sauce.

For all those who do not like the confusion of the restaurant but still want to taste the flavors of the East, Marmolove® has created the Set SUSHI, in its BLACK &  WHITE which includes:

    • I take you – Rectangular slate tray with slit
    • Soiami– Slate bowl for soy
    • Sushiamo – Laying slate sticks, small or medium
    • Good as love – Medium bowl in white Carrara marble

Each of these items has been designed specifically for your “sushiate” in company, so we thought we would give you an offer that you can’t refuse, for every set you buy and you’ll receive an ever-higher discount! More Marmolove®, more sushi!

Every Marmolove® is a one-of-a-kind original handmade piece and has our engraved trademark. Distrust imitations, an original Marmolove® is made with love, the best and luxuriousest marble or ardesia and has his logo on it.


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All photos are indicative of the product: marble differs from piece to piece by veins and shades of color.


Come with me – Tray inch 11,8×5,9×0,3
Let’s sushi – Small bowl inch 2,7×2,7×1,1
Sushiamo – Laying sticks, small (2,3×1,5 inch) or medium (2,7×1,9 inch)
Bowl, Eat, Love – Medium bowl (diam. 5,9x h 2,7)

MATERIAL: Set, 100% Ardesia Ligure di Lavagna. Bowl, 100% white Carrara marble, polished

Packaging and transport: We ask our couriers to pay maximum attention to the transport of our packages. Each product is wrapped and packed with the same care and dedication with which it is created and produced.


1 Person, 2 people, 3 people, 4 people