Invite me – I’ll take care of it + I’ll take you

What do you do at Easter?

Well, we love each other and exchange the most loved dessert ever: the DPCM that tells us “free everyone! 😂 Here at Casa Marmolove we joke … to tell you that we are here with and for you, ready with all the means at our disposal to celebrate together and never leave you!

For Easter this year, the I think about it – Chopping board in Ligurian slate finished by hand in our workshops in Liguria, for all lovers of cooking and the I’ll take you – Container® in original Marmolove White Carrara marble ®.

Each original Marmolove® has our engraved trademark. Beware of imitations, you can recognize a Marmolove® by love, by marble and by the logo.


I’ll handle that Thanks to its predominant color it allows, in fact, to enhance the colors of the food, which has become a real “presentation base”.

It is characterized by a different processing for the two sides: The top is in “Natural split”, a process that is performed by hand by a specific worker called “spacchino”, who with his experience splits the slate block with the use of chisels, making all the veins emerge on the surface of the slab natural that make it unique.

The bottom is “Honed”: a process that is carried out with the use of the sander, in order to obtain a smooth surface.

The Ligurian slate cutting board is the perfect gift for anyone who loves delighting in the art of cooking.

It can become: Design object – to be kept in plain sight in the kitchen, on the worktop.

Cutting board to bring presentations to the table – everything you present on this elegant and particular object will stand out in the eyes of your guests.

Kitchen object – cutting board to keep on the kitchen counter, to always have a base at hand to slice bread and vegetables.

What you want – the role you decide to give it on your table, in your home.

Your MarmoLove is a very precious object: to prevent the formation of lines or chips, avoid scratching the blades on the cutting board. If you don’t like risk and want to play it safe, use it as a base to support and stabilize other objects on which to perform cutting operations.

All photos are indicative of the product: the marble differs from piece to piece for its veins and shades of color.

DIMENSIONS: cm. 38X15 (Including the handle) MATERIAL: 100% Ligurian slate from Lavagna 100% MADE IN ITALY

Packaging and transport: We ask our couriers to pay close attention to the transport of our packages. Each product is wrapped and packaged with the same care and dedication with which it is created and produced.


I’ll take you This item is small enough to fit in one hand, but it will look great in your rooms, with its strong character, but with an elegant and refined line.

Finished in our laboratories in Finale Ligure, for Easter you will find the container in white Carrara marble, a real design object that fits perfectly with classic or modern furnishings.

Weight 2 kg