I’ll get you – White Carrara marble small container

Relying on Marmolove to take care of the smallest details in your home may be the right choice you’ve been looking for.
I’ll take you in white Carrara marble is an example of how behind small things lies a beauty that often, due to the daily rush, goes unnoticed.
Its unique design allows it to be a small ray of light to illuminate any room, but it can also become a discreet gift capable of making a difference to the people you love.

It can become:
Presentation plate-elegant tray that will enhance your table presentations, from an elegant entrée to a delicate dessert, for a starry restaurant presentation.
Design base for precious objects–a white marble base that can collect precious objects such as watch, rings, necklaces and bracelets.
Design object–in the room as a small container or left in its simplicity, it will know how to decorate any room.
What you will want-the role you decide to give it on your table, in your home.

We are excited to share our love for Marmoloves with you! During our research, we spent time and effort to find a finish that would give our Marmoloves a unique smoothness of touch. And you know what? We achieved it by completely handcrafting it, piece by piece, precisely to ensure that each creation is special.

But there is more behind the birth of the Marmoloves. It is a romantic idea, born out of a desire to give the materials in our workshop a second chance. For us, sustainability means more than just a fashion term. We want every step we take to be an act of love towards the environment and the resources around us.

Yes, it is true, some advances inevitably remain in our production process, but we do not give up! Because for us, being green and sustainable means giving new life to what might be considered “waste.” It is a kind of romantic dance between creativity and commitment to keep waste to a minimum and shape wonderful objects.

That is why we decided to make unique, sustainably produced objects that possess a simple design but with enormous potential for evolution and reinterpretation. We are fascinated by the idea of creating something extraordinary from materials that might otherwise be forgotten.

So join us on this romantic journey to sustainability, where a passion for beauty is intertwined with a commitment to the environment. We are excited to share our love of Marmoloves with you and hope that you can feel, through each touch, the delicate poetry that makes them unique.

Each original Marmolove® possesses our engraved trademark. Be wary of imitations,
a Marmolove® you recognize it by the love, the marble and the logo.


All photos are indicative of the product: the marble differs from piece to piece in veining and color shades.

DIMENSIONS: diameter 14 cm.

MATERIAL: 100% honed white Carrara marble 100% MADE IN ITALY

PACKAGING AND TRANSPORTATION: We ask our couriers to take the utmost care in transporting our packages. Each product is wrapped and packaged with the same care and dedication with which it is created and produced.

Weight 2 kg