Comfort zone – I have read them all + We are twins

I’ve read them all – Book stop® Original Marmolove® White Carrara marble finished by hand in our workshops in Liguria, for those who want to give a unique touch to their living room, bedroom and any room of their home shelves!

E We are two twins – Set of 2 small bowls® in white Carrara marble, our two most popular small containers.

Each original Marmolove® has our engraved trademark. Beware of imitations, you can recognize a Marmolove® by love, by marble and by the logo.


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I’ve read them all The books, whether placed on the bedside table or on a desk, help to make a home warmer and more welcoming, but after reading them it is time to organize them on a shelf in plain sight.
To give them the right support and attention they deserve, the book holder in white Carrara marble is ideal, both for the bookcase in the living room and for the shelf in the kitchen, where all the family recipes are kept.

Finished by hand, in our workshops, it is the perfect gift for any situation, ideal for anyone who loves reading or simply one-of-a-kind design items. It can become: Door stop – To prevent gusts of wind from slamming doors, this Marmolove item is ideal, its weight will keep every door open and its personality will make your home special.

Design object – on a desk or on a piece of furniture in the bedroom, left in its simplicity, it will decorate any room. Stop books – so that your books have the support they deserve and your home the beauty you seek. What you want – the role you decide to give it on your table, in your home. All photos are indicative of the product: the marble differs from piece to piece for its veins and shades of color.

DIMENSIONS: cm. 18×6 MATERIAL: 100% polished white Carrara marble 100% MADE IN ITALY

Packaging and transport: We ask our couriers to pay close attention to the transport of our packages. Each product is wrapped and packaged with the same care and dedication with which it is created and produced.


We are two twins This set of two bowls is the icing on the cake of the Marmolove catalog. small and elegant, a gem that must not be missing on your table and in your kitchen.

With a delicate appearance, they will be the favor of any shelf on which you decide to place them, whether they are used in the kitchen for salt or spices or in the bedroom to keep small treasures.

It can become:

Kitchen item – as a container for salt or spices, to keep in the kitchen or to take to the table.

Design object – on a desk or in the living room as a small container or left in its simplicity, it will decorate any room.

Bring chocolates – to keep handy near the sofa, with a supply of chocolates or candy. What you want – the role you decide to give it on your table, in your home.

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