Eight March 2019: set and gift packages for Women’s Day

Marmolove has prepared three fantastic new gift packages to celebrate women, beauty … spring!
Three exclusive sets in promotion until 8 March , to make or make a gift that embellishes the home, the table, the living room , the bathroom.

Three Limited Edition sets, born from the suggestions of the customers who follow us on the Social. We always listen carefully to your proposals, because it is from this continuous exchange of ideas, from this harmony, that our products are born.

So we took the opportunity to celebrate 8 March with sets that will make every woman happy. You will find for sale two new sets of our exclusive black slate design plates from Lavagna (service from 2 or 4 plates) and a set for the bathroom or the living room that marries the white Carrara marble with the black slate Ligure of Lavagna. In this last set you will find a product presented for the first time: the rectangular slate container by Lavagna.

We remind you that if you subscribe to our newsletter you will get a 10% discount on the first purchase, which also applies to products on promotion! How not to take this opportunity? Celebrate women, celebrate love and spring.

The three Limited Edition sets March 8th:

Anemone Set: 2 design plates in black slate from Lavagna Ligure
Set consisting of two Marmolove design plates in black slate from Lavagna, one of the leading products of our production, designed and produced in our laboratories in Finale Ligure. These plates have a design that is reminiscent of a half moon, the outer part is worked in a “natural split” with a rough finish while the inner part is finely “polished”, with a perfectly smooth feel. This double processing, only possible with a very high quality slate, gives the object an unmistakable charm, for use in all areas of the home.

Camellia Set: 4 dishes in black slate Ligure di Lavagna
Set composed of four Marmolove design plates in black slate Ligure di Lavagna, perfect for setting up a refined dinner with family or friends, also ideal as trays to serve appetizer snacks, finger food, desserts and cupcakes. The Camelia set is a precious and unique gift, the design plates in Lavagna’s highly appreciated double slate black slate are in fact an exclusive Marmolove, each plate is made from slabs of natural stone and finished by hand.

Set Fresia:
Set composed of a rectangular container in black slate Ligure di Lavagna and a vase / container in white marble of Carrara . A set designed to furnish the bathroom or living room with something magical: the very white marble contained by the black slate. A game of extreme colors for a fascinating set, which recalls Yin and Yang, the extreme polarities of existence always in perfect harmony with each other. The rectangular slate Ligurian container by Lavagna is a new product of the 2019 collection: elegant, with great personality, ideal for Her and for Him. It can contain perfumes and creams in an orderly and functional way, but above all … It is beautiful.

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