As we said in the previous article one of the features that makes us very proud of our products is versatility.

What does it mean?

It means that although they are studied and designed for a specific purpose, they lend themselves to being used in many other ways and ways.

This is one of the things we like most about marble and slate, their colors and their characteristics make them suitable for every type of room and location.

They easily match in minimalist and very modern houses, but at the same time create a touch of glamor in more shabby or rustic homes. It’s not just about furnishing but also about the way you use the Marmolovers.

Let’s take as an example a product of the new collection released on September 23rd , “Leave them here” created to be an IQOS® pose – electronic cigarette refills – this mini container can easily become a graceful ring holder to lay down above your bedside table or an empty pocket in the entrance, as soon as you get home.

We see it well in the living room above your table in raw wood, with some small chocolate in it but also in the kitchen where to place the ladle, but remember to be careful with acidic foods.

So when you choose a Marmolove product, you have only the embarrassment of the choice of where to place it, and we are sure that you will be even more creative than we are.

Let’s wait on Instagram the your photos of the alternative uses of our multi-purpose products.

Soon the Marmolove Team

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