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On September 23rd the new Marmolove collection but shockingly it’s not what we wanted to talk about.

On September 23rd, autumn officially started, and to be honest here in Liguria you already feel it.

The evening is chilly, only the light jacket is not enough anymore, the roasted chestnuts are around the corner and we go slowly towards that lethargic period that will see us all one with the radiator.

But the real treat is that we will have a plausible excuse to spend the Sundays indoors at home under a beautiful cashmere cover if possible and a cup of steaming hot chocolate in hand, for those on a diet like someone here in our team is also good a good English tea.

We imagine on the sofa, the curled-up cat and on your table the iPad that spends yet another episode of Gossip Girl on Netflix.

Male Marmolovers don’t take offense, Gossip Girl also looks at men. Yes, but here is what we enter into this idyllic situation?

Where do I put the iPad?

We thought about it, and we know we couldn’t find a better time to get the support for iPad signed Marmolove .

You will be able to place your iPad next to the sofa or next to you on the bed without the fear of everything collapsing, and if you are using your inseparable Air Pods we have also thought of those, with the container created on the marble base for not disperse them for home.

At this point Marmolovers we just have to choose which movie to watch this weekend ♥︎

the Marmolove Team


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