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Our dear Marmolovers, today we would like to answer a question, why marble?


We could say many things about this material that made the history of our family , according to his nature.

The white Carrara marble is extracted from the quarries of the Apuan Alps in the territory of Carrara, universally known as one of the most precious marbles.


But Marmolove is not only Carrara marble it is also Botticino and Ardesia , the choice fell on these materials for a very specific reason: Made in Italy, which is one of the core values ​​of our company, and is reflected in every work choice and of collaboration.

The first Marmolove products were created to meet the needs of customers who already knew us as a company in the marble sector, but who wanted smaller and more difficult accessories to find in common shops.

Each object is finished by hand and with attention to the smallest details, the experience and the creative flair, but also the precision and dedication of a craftsman is in no way replaceable with a machine.

For this reason it is not only the material, even if of the highest quality, that affects the prices, but above all it is our work and production times.

Each Marmolove is the sum of the materials, of our work and of our love for each single product which is created from those large slabs of marble or slate.

Nel nostro laboratorio lavoriamo molti materiali che hanno destinazioni diverse: dai top per cucina, ai rivestimenti, ai lavelli ma per la linea di accessori Marmolove abbiamo voluto concentrarci su tre materiali Italiani, ma non escludiamo, rimanendo fedeli ai nostri valori, in futuro di aggiungerne altri.


Abbiamo voluto condividere con voi le scelte fatte per realizzare i prodotti Marmolove sia quelle di carattere ambientale che di qualità, perché voi, grazie ai vostri messaggi, «Prima non amavo il marmo ma grazie ai vostri accessori mi sono ricreduta», alle vostre idee e al vostro sostegno, ne fate costantemente parte e ci ispirate e spronate a fare sempre meglio ♥︎

A presto il Team Marmolove

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