Although marble is a widely sought-after material at the moment, it is not the only material we treat here in the laboratory.
A part of our production is focused on slate, metamorphic rock, belonging to the phyllite family.

Thanks to its natural characteristics of flexibility, resistance and impermeability , slate is widely used in the realization of functional elements and design objects .
The use of slate both in the building and in the artistic and decorative fields has always been part of Ligurian history and culture.
The first slate deposits to be intensively exploited were those of Uscio and Recco probably already before the XII century.

How to care for a Marmolove in Ardesia?

We advise you to keep your product healthy by always washing it by hand with water and neutral soaps and using soft sponges (try not to scrape).

Sometimes after several uses the slate could seem a bit dull, or light lines could be visible given the use of the object, do not be alarmed.

It will be sufficient to pass a greased cotton cloth with a little olive oil and make it penetrate well.

Then clean the object well to remove excess oil with a clean cloth and wait for everything to dry.

You will see the slate of its original color shine again.

Why olive oil?

Many of our products are used in contact with food, using a natural product such as oil instead of coloring for slate, will allow you to be able to continue using your marmolove in contact with food without fears of unpleasant contamination.

And for daily cleaning?

For daily cleaning of the Ligurian slate no specific products are needed, on the contrary we advise you to use as few chemicals as possible.

You can safely use our magic potion which consists of:

    • warm water
    • alcohol (denatured ethyl alcohol) – a quarter of a glass of alcohol per liter of water.
    • baking soda – a teaspoon of baking soda
    • if necessary, a few drops of liquid Marseille soap

Dip a sponge in the solution and then gently pass it onto your product.

Be careful to respect the doses otherwise you could stain the slate!

Now you just need to choose your Marmolove !