Good morning Marmolovers,

on social networks we are very active and you will already know that the new collection is about to come out.

We are so happy that we would like to shout it to the whole world.

To be fair, for those who maybe don’t like Instagram & Co., we decided to write a post to give some information about the service.

Then don’t say that we don’t think of you!

The new collection will see the light on September 23rd, a few chinks here and there has already popped up, Valentina has never been good at hiding things.

For all newsletter subscribers, however, there will be a super presale on 22 September, so if you are not yet part of our mailing list you can fix it, right away, by clicking here subscribe to the newsletter

You will have a 20% discount and other very interesting little things.

We have given a name to our products 

Every product we create from those marble or slate slabs is the lifeblood of our company, is how it is When they leave the laboratory they live of their own life, we instruct them to bring happiness, order and elegance to your homes. Precisely for this reason we imagined them talking, and from here the names were born, you will find “I’ll take you” – the rectangular white marble slim tray ready to welcome your bathroom products as to collect everything you have in your pockets, ” I have it ”the iPhone holder / cradle / cuddle / hold and many more Mormolovers. Now just tell you secrets.

Now just tell you secrets.

Inspirations and mood

Our main objective is to simplify your life with beautiful objects, modesty aside, elegant and above all practical.

Another feature of which we are proudly proud is the versatility of our products, practically no one has a single role to play in your homes but will be able to fill the task that you will assign them according to the room and your needs.

Our mood is to make the product available to the customer, and our inspiration is always and only you, with your questions and requests that make us more motivated and happy every day to put your needs first.

See you on Monday 23rd ♥︎