On Mother’s Day we have a very special guest, one of those people with whom it was love at first … photo, Gabila Gerardi of Panedolcealcioccolato

To Gabila, very kind and sweet as always, we asked a few questions, to learn more about her, her activity as a photographer and Food Blogger, and her full-time job as a mother .

How did your love for food come about?

My love for food was born in the same way that love for other aspects was born that characterized important stages in my life; to be honest I have not always loved cooking, as soon as I finished my studies I opened my own shop which I managed by myself and took care of a bit like I do today with the blog. Let’s say that I always put myself in everything I decided to undertake … the blog, the food and the photography arrived after I became a mother, everything was born by chance but it was a continuous growth and today I can declare to love “my job” more than anything else! I am sure that having spent my childhood among vines, chickens and freshly-shelled cobs has contributed to my unconscious love for food, that authentic, genuine, rustic and without too many frills; characteristics that I attribute to my dishes of today and that inevitably speak of my way of being.

How is being a mom blogger?

Challenging even though now my girls are quite large, Giuditta has turned 14 in February and Matilda will turn 13 in October; being almost teenagers, they do not constantly need to be looked after but it is undoubtedly important that I manage to find quality time to devote only to them.

I am a mother who works a lot, in the summer period in practice my turn (adding the various commitments), she can even reach 18 hours and for this I can not deny suffer their absence.

Usually the work that includes recipes and photographs I try to do in the hours when they are at school, so the afternoon undoubtedly remains their property.

You are a super food blogger who produces magic, which are your favorite dishes and those of your children?

My favorite dishes surely revolve around the desserts that I love more to realize than to eat, the sense I have for beauty I have contributed to my approach to this category even though I must say that lately I love photographing even savory dishes.

The semolina cake and Tarte Tatin  they are sweets that make me literally go crazy; as far as my daughters are concerned, I have no doubts, Penne in Barca it remains their first favorite dish, it is a typical recipe of my Island of Elba that I invite you to go and look on the web … a delicious and very tasty dish where Telline and béchamel are the masters.

In view of the mother’s day we are collecting a list of suggestions for our readers. You already have many of our products, which Marmoloves would you recommend to a mother who is passionate about cooking?

The mortar and I say it without hesitation, the pesto made in the old way has a higher gear and if you have never tried my invitation is to try your hand at the company, if only the color of the sauce will surprise you.

If you had to create your own Wishlist for Mother’s Day what would you insert?

Ringraziamo Gabila con tutto il cuore per averci aperto una finestra sul suo mondo, ed auguriamo a tutte le mamme, mamme di bimbi meravigliosi, di cuccioli pelosi, di progetti ambiziosi i nostri migliori auguri.

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