Dear Marmolovers, today we would like to tell you a little about the behind the scenes of our work and our laboratory.

We often underline the fact that we are an artisan reality and 100% made in Italy, details that characterize us and make us proud, but it rarely happens to talk about ecological choices, those that even a company must make, like every human being in their life.

We deeply love our land and its resources, so we decided, in our small way, to try to impact as little as possible on the dust emission, which occurs naturally during the processing of marble, and on the waste of water through a particular water purification system.

This system includes a water drop bench that is associated with the classic suction benches, its operation is quite simple but really effective.

While working with the flexible and inevitably producing a lot of dust , this bench vertically drops the water that absorbs the dust, avoiding its dispersion in the air.

At this point, the water containing the dust and the cutting residues of the slabs passing through a system of channels, arrives at the structure used for purification, which divides the water from waste.

These are inserted into bags that become mud and then disposed of in specific landfills using the service of special bodies, while the cleaned water is put back into circulation and reused in the laboratory for processing.

We really care about this system because the love for our products must not in any way compromise our planet, even if in a small way, we like to think that reducing our personal environmental impact we also do our duty.

The Marmolove Team

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