From a block of marble to a refined container

Hi everyone, I’m back to write an article, after the holidays you have to take stock of the situation and start again with enthusiasm!

A few days ago I asked my followers of Instagram , (if you don’t follow us on Ig yet you can start today :-)), if you could be interested to know how we do the container in white Carrara marble .

The response was positive, even with private messages enthusiastic about our initiative, curious to see “how to do it”. Here I am then explaining, in words and with a mini video, how we make a container in white marble from Carrara Marmolove .

First step: :
We create the design of the container with a three-dimensional graphics software, then insert a blank piece of white Carrara marble into a modern numerical control machine. The cutters of the machine, guided by the design by software, remove the excess marble creating the internal part of the future container.

Second step:
We take the piece out of the machine and place it on a work bench, where we go to remove the excess external marble with a second piece of equipment called “Ralla”, thus giving it its final round shape.

Third step:
Let’s finish the edges with the use of a grinder, eliminating any unevenness and irregularities.

Fourth step:
At this point the craftsmanship arrives: the total finishing of the product by hand! Let’s go, with the use of special tools, to finish, smooth and make the product homogeneous. This is the most “difficult” step of the process, where artisan art and experience play a fundamental role.

At this point the white Carrara marble container is finished! You also asked me how long it takes to make it happen: about an hour.

I hope this article will give you an idea of ​​how much commitment and care serve to create these products. It is important for us to convey these aspects of our work to you, because in this way you will truly appreciate the craftsmanship and the charm of the objects you buy.

Each of our objects is unique , always different for small shades of color, details and small imperfections. Marble is a natural product and craftsmanship enhances the characteristics of each piece , hand finishing he will never give an object the same as another.

Finally I leave you a mini video on this work. If you have questions, doubts or simply want to share your thoughts, make a comment to the article, we will be happy to publish it on this blog!

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