Being a craft and family reality is not always easy to explain.

The craftsman is the one who creates a product tailored to you, responds to your needs and realizes your dreams.

For this reason, unlike large retailers, delivery times are around 10 working days </ span > , to allow the laboratory to create the product specifically for each customer.

How a Marmolove product is born?

All the material used for the products is chosen and personally selected by us so as to ensure the highest quality.
For the moment we have decided not to have a warehouse for the storage of products because we love to make them when ordering and take care of every detail but above all because this system allows us to make custom-made items , which may differ in size or shape from those visible on the shop.

What is the process by which our product is made?

When the order arrives it is taken over by me, Valentina. I take note of the article and of the possible modification in case of personalization and I take it to the laboratory, where Simone and Michele will see to its realization.

As soon as it is finished it is communicated to me and I proceed to the creation of the packaging, with logoed and perfumed tissue paper. At this point everything passes into the hands of the courier.

In a very simplified way, I am telling you this path for several reasons:

  1. Our products are tailor-made , made at the time of purchase, so if you’ve seen one of our accessories that would look so good in your bathroom, but you would like it slightly larger, you can write to us and we will try to create an object that reflects your requests </ li>
  2. Have you fallen in love with a beautiful marble object but can’t find it? You can ask us for a quote and commission it , so as to have a unique piece at home signed Marmolove, made with top quality material.
  3. But remember that every Marmolove is a unique piece .

The accessory that will arrive in your homes can never be exactly the same as the one in the picture on the site.

The photographs you find on the site are indicative of the product but what you will receive in your homes will be different in the veins and shades of color, it will be unique, because marble and natural stones do not have a single conformity but change from piece to piece, from slab to slab, from block to block precisely because they are natural.

If you have any doubts about making customized products, I invite you to look at our stories on Instagram , or to write to us, it will be a real pleasure to give you more information.