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5 marble ideas on your table

Marble is like black looks good on everything! Good morning Marmolovers, with this phrase coined so on the moment we would like to introduce you to today’s inspirational topic. How to bring marble accessories with style on your tables? ♥ ︎ Ready? We begin? PLATE AND UNDERPLATE Who said that I can’t eat inside my favorite Marmolove? And that bowls only serve as empty pockets? And who says that the cutting board can only act…

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Put an original pesto mortar in the kitchen

Our beloved Marmolovers, today we would like to tell you a story made of love, like everything that distinguishes us, passion for our beautiful land and collaborations with artisans who live and grow in our own territory.   The story we would like to tell you is that of “The italian dream”  , our original Genoese mortar revisited to be not only practical and functional, but also aesthetically beautiful, with that touch of glamor and…

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