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Slate coasters: the perfect gift

Not to worry you but Christmas is approaching, gifts and menu preparation hang over our sword-like heads of Damocles. As you know we are provident we already start writing the letter to Santa Claus. You have already done it, can we help you?   Today’s idea came to us as we wrote the post about decorations to put on your tables and , but above all thanks to your suggestions.   If there is one…

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Marble: what it is for us and our choices

Our dear Marmolovers, today we would like to answer a question, why marble?   We could say many things about this material that made the history of our family , according to his nature. The white Carrara marble is extracted from the quarries of the Apuan Alps in the territory of Carrara, universally known as one of the most precious marbles.   But Marmolove is not only Carrara marble it is also Botticino and Ardesia…

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5 marble ideas on your table

Marble is like black looks good on everything! Good morning Marmolovers, with this phrase coined so on the moment we would like to introduce you to today’s inspirational topic. How to bring marble accessories with style on your tables? ♥ ︎ Ready? We begin? PLATE AND UNDERPLATE Who said that I can’t eat inside my favorite Marmolove? And that bowls only serve as empty pockets? And who says that the cutting board can only act…

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Put an original pesto mortar in the kitchen

Our beloved Marmolovers, today we would like to tell you a story made of love, like everything that distinguishes us, passion for our beautiful land and collaborations with artisans who live and grow in our own territory.   The story we would like to tell you is that of “The italian dream”  , our original Genoese mortar revisited to be not only practical and functional, but also aesthetically beautiful, with that touch of glamor and…

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5 reasons to choose marble inside your homes

Good morning Marmolovers, finally autumn, the real one, is upon us and with him the sofa, a cup of tea and a cover will become our life allies. Between a good book and an episode on Netflix we tend to live the house in a deeper and more passionate way than in the summer. We also know that to make the rooms welcoming and to our taste, we have to make some furniture choices, to…

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5 chic ideas to decorate your living room

Who wouldn’t want a warm but at the same time refined home, a unique and captivating decor; in short, the home of your dreams? We see that you are nodding, and we know that sometimes the piece of furniture you have spotted that would look so good next to your imaginary fireplace is a bit out of the budget, so to come to the rescue we have unleashed your imagination and search for Pinterest, finding…

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Dear Marmolovers, today we would like to tell you a little about the behind the scenes of our work and our laboratory. We often underline the fact that we are an artisan reality and 100% made in Italy, details that characterize us and make us proud, but it rarely happens to talk about ecological choices, those that even a company must make, like every human being in their life. We deeply love our land and…

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Furnish the kitchen with marble accessories

There are those who put the sweaters in the oven, those who have made the kitchen their own safe place, their own den and corner of the hearth. The kitchen is conviviality, warmth, a meal in the company. The kitchen is love, and for this we have decided to give you some ideas on how to furnish this important place in the home, with all the care and inspiration that distinguishes Marmolove products. 1. ROUND…

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Peaceful nights with marble perfumers

Raise your hands if you too, especially during the season changes, have trouble falling asleep. Within the Marmolove team, someone often has this problem, more than once and without obviously going into the technical or medical field, we have found great benefit with essential oils, such as lavender. But not even to tell you our dream is to bring beauty into yours and why not also in our homes, from this need was born «It…

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Marble, Netflix and blanket

On September 23rd the new Marmolove collection but shockingly it’s not what we wanted to talk about. On September 23rd, autumn officially started, and to be honest here in Liguria you already feel it. The evening is chilly, only the light jacket is not enough anymore, the roasted chestnuts are around the corner and we go slowly towards that lethargic period that will see us all one with the radiator. But the real treat is…

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