We know spring brings with it joy and color, desire for novelty and for shine.

We all love this feeling and we would like to take it to the homes of all of you our beloved Marmolovers.

So we decided to write this article with a small contribution from a very special person Simonetta by About Garden .

Who better than her could help us in choosing flowers that can bring liveliness and a breath of fresh air into your homes, with just two elements, our vases and the colors that this season makes available to us.

What are the iconic spring flowers and how to choose them?

The flowers are all beautiful, but how to choose them so that they themselves are a complement of furniture is a more difficult question.

First of all we have identified two modes of choice, seasonality and color, which can easily go hand in hand.

First of all we advise you to decide if you want to bring a particular color into the home, that goes with the furniture palette or that is clearly in contrast to bring a sparkling note to the environment, this decision is absolutely subjective and unquestionable.

In the choice of spring flowers instead we come to the rescue advising our favorites

  • Ranunculus : generous corollas perfect for vase composition, perhaps not everyone knows that it is poisonous, in the language of flowers the buttercup is associated with a melancholy charm and is a symbol of a languid beauty.
  • Tulipano : the most loved by instagrammers. It has showy flowers that are particularly welcome as they give lively notes of color. In the language of flowers, the tulip is a symbol of a declaration of love. It is believed that its name derives from the Turkish word for turban.
  • Narcissus : originating from the Mediterranean area, it is assumed that the name derives from the Greek narkao, because of the perfume, intoxicating like a narcotic. In the language of flowers, the narcissus has positive and negative meanings. It can represent self-esteem, typical of self-confident people, or the vanity and inability to love someone different from one’s own person, a meaning that was born in ancient Greece with the myth of Narcissus
  • Cherry blossoms : cherry blossoms vary in color from white to rosé. It is the flower symbol of birth, because it is capable of growing first and in a more flamboyant way than others. With their ephemeral flowering, these flowers best represent the passing beauty of life, it is a wish for well-being and happiness, but also a reason for reflection. In case you decide to put cherry blossom twigs in your vases, remember that to make the water penetrate better into the wood fabric, it is useful to make a cross incision on the surface of the branch cut.
  • Lilacs : as for the cherry tree, the lilac flowers last longer if you make a cross incision on the surface of the branch cut. Their beauty and scent give a romantic note in every home, they are a symbol of purity if white in color or the purple ones conceal a falling in love and heartbeats of love.
  • Lilies of the valley : these magnificent flowers suitable for small bouquets are worth cultivating, it is not very easy to find them for sale by florists. The first of May in France an ancient tradition is perpetuated for which they are given to celebrate spring and is the only flower whose sale is not subject to taxes as it is still harvested in the wild and anyone who can sell it that day.

    We wish you a splendid beginning of spring, see you soon.

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