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Good morning Marmolovers,

finally autumn, the real one, is upon us and with him the sofa, a cup of tea and a cover will become our life allies. Between a good book and an episode on Netflix we tend to live the house in a deeper and more passionate way than in the summer.

We also know that to make the rooms welcoming and to our taste, we have to make some furniture choices, to help you today we want to give you 5 reasons to bring the marble inside your homes:


  1. Elegance  

The opaque finish, depending on the environment where it is inserted makes a marble object always worthy of being admired. Each Marmolove has that sought-after appearance, which makes the corners of the house where it is placed unique and cared for.

Basically it completes the furnishings like when you put icing sugar on a freshly baked cake.

  1. Each marble object is a unique accessory

When you buy a Marmolove, you already know that a unique object will come into your homes, different from that of anyone else, in the veins and shades of color, it will be different from any other, because marble and natural stones do not have a single conformity but change from piece to piece, from slab to slab, from block to block.

  1. Resistance

A marble object, if well cared for and preserved is truly forever, other than diamonds boys!

We only have a few precautions that we have told you about in this post  to keep it shiny, healthy and shiny!

  1. Versatility

If there is one thing we appreciate about marble it is precisely the fact that it fits well with every style and material. It can give a touch of light to a house entirely in shabby style on white wood, as it goes very well with a minimal and a bit industrial decor, maintaining the rigid forms but giving a touch of color and flexibility.

  1. Brightness

One of the most beautiful features of marble is its ability to reflect natural light in the interior space, it is one of those elements that also gives life to the darker and dimly lit environment.

Now that we have revealed to you the reasons why we cannot resist a marble accessory, and for which we consider them necessary within each house, we are curious to know what are your motivations for which to choose a Marmolove product ♥︎.


The Marmolove Team

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