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Who wouldn’t want a warm but at the same time refined home, a unique and captivating decor; in short, the home of your dreams?

We see that you are nodding, and we know that sometimes the piece of furniture you have spotted that would look so good next to your imaginary fireplace is a bit out of the budget, so to come to the rescue we have unleashed your imagination and search for Pinterest, finding some solutions that can make your living room truly chic and fashionable.

1. A container as a centerpiece

We think that I CATCH YOU lends itself very well to this task, with strong and precise lines it is excellent to place in the center of the table or table in the living room, with beautiful green plants inside.

For black thumbs there are succulent plants, for very black thumbs there are fake plants.


2. A booken on the bookcase or on a shelf

READ’EM ALL can be placed next to books or alone for decorative purposes, plus advice, if you do not like the book covers or it disturbs you that they are all different try to turn them by putting the pages towards you.


3. Room air freshener

What to say… IT SEEMS MADE OF HEAVEN wherever you put it, it is immediately chic

4. A marble table

Wait… did we say table?

By now you know us we like to play with the imagination, and if a I’LL TAKE A LIGHT PICTURE n round or rectangular version, depending on your tastes, add a wooden or metal support, you will have a splendid table in very precious marble and super design.

5. TURN ME OFF AT NIGHT on the arm of your sofa

…and a good movie.

As always we hope to have been useful to you and to have given you brilliant ideas to create the house of your dreams with your own hands, see you at the next post.

The Marmolove Team

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